The evolution of the sil in fire-fighting central

The evolution of the sil in fire-fighting central

On 27-28 / 10/2011 the Fire Prevention Forum was held in Milan; where SV Sistemi di sicurezza were present with their Technical-Commercial Staff.

It has become an unmissable event for all the operators of the sector., Also this year, the traditional Fire Prevention Forum 2011; now in its seventh edition and organized by the Fire Fighting Magazine in collaboration with the Fire Department and with the Special Commission Permanent for the Security of National Cultural Heritage, has been a great success.

SV sistemi di sicurezza have collaborated to create their own commercial technical strategy dedicated to the new EXFIRE360 control unit for detecting and extinguishing the new generation of fire to offer its customers.

During the year; an exclusive agreement signed for Italy for the EXFIRE360 fire-fighting center distributed; the agreement to the 2011 Fire Prevention Forum was formalized.

In the rooms of the Forum for the prevention of fires; the EXFIRE360 has organized on different dates for all professionals and not for security.

On the day of 27-10-2011 Mr. Vincenzo Polge exposed the first commercial technical phase; inserting new concepts on the functional safety IEC61508 in his speech and how to apply it; and on the day of 28-10-2011 the second phase held with Mr. Gianluca Marradi Resp.Certificator TUV where he spoke of SIL3 Safty Integrety level IEC61508 and Mr. Gianni Armas Head of Fire-Gas sector; he concluded how to engineer and apply the norm on FIRE-GAS plants with SIL concepts.

The interest of the EXFIRE360 plant, the application on fire-fighting systems; went beyond our expectations, confirming the customer’s satisfaction after having viewed it.


An LCD, equipped with voice-activated messages with remote inputs and outputs that can interfaced with other systems. 2 USB ports; 2 redundant Master CPUs up to 16 remote CPUs; SIL3-certified CanBus protocol redundant. Possibility of communication with the external environment through optical fiber; TCP-IP protocol; Rs485 and Rs232 serial ports. Dcs interface with Modbus protocol, Bacnet, Serial telemetry.

The Certification assessment performed by TÜV Rheinland Italia in accordance with the requirements specified in IEC 61508 – Functional Safety of Electrical / Electronic / Programmable.

The requests are related to the assessment of the PFD (Probability of Failure on Demand) so that this falls within the range defined by the SIL 3 class. So The analysis performed on the technical contents of the life cycle stages applicable to the EUC (Equipment Under Control) starting from the conceptual phase to the installation and commissioning of the plant.

Functional tests are performed on hardware and software, as well as the validation of the maintenance, modification and disposal phases. Once the project has been completed and validated, TÜV Rheinland Italia issues the certificate of conformity to the IEC 61508 standard for the SIL 3 class requirements 

“The advantage of being able to demonstrate to the market the quality of the power station assessed and certified by an independent; competent international organization; reflects the seriousness and transparency of SV Sistemi di Sicurezza; which pursues the objective of marketing products that are valid and highly reliable, fundamental requirements when it comes to fire safety systems “

The evolution of the sil in fire-fighting central  –