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The 24-hour sun speaks of SV security systems company that produces Fire & Gas fire-fighting systems and shutdown, svservices and solutions at 360 ° technologically advanced for the management of plants, certified:

  • EN54-2,
  • EN54-4,
  • EN12094-1,
  • EN60079,
  • GOST,
  • pending IEC61508,
  • UL818,

for high-risk fire applications. In addition to design and production we offer a consulting service in the protection and prevention of fires at 360.

SV Sistemi di Sicurezza is present both in Italy and in the rest of the world, working with its own staff in various countries, for the testing of certified power plants and fire protection systems. Our Italian customers include Ansaldo, Eni and Snam, Marcegaglia, Selex, while abroad we include orders in:

  • Germany,
  • Holland,
  • Spain,
  • Turkey,

in other countries outside the European Union like

  • Jordan,
  • Taiwan,
  • Algeria,
  • Korea,
  • Dominican Republic,
  • Nigeria,
  • Angola,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • Egypt,
  • Kuwait,
  • Kazakhstan,
  • Russia,
  • Mexico 
  • Japan.

SV places on the market the new ideas developed during the year, such as the remote control of FIRE FIGHTING & GAS systems.

The EXFIRE360 control panel has been designed with the specific objective of being able to monitor the modular units of the control unit by exploiting the advanced diagnostics developed to comply with functional safety requirements.

In fact, providing efficient and flexible methods to the customer requires a strong technical and cultural organization on fire protection systems, skills formed over the years, electronic instruments and cutting-edge software, certifications and certifications that enclose the production process life cycle, all to have a correct remote management and facilitate troubleshooting, overcome user errors and reduce resolution time.

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About the Author:

Vincenzo Polge CEO of the company SV Sistemi Di Sicurezza Born under the sign of Capricorn in 1967, a training course for an electronic expert and dismissed in 1987 by the Italian Army as a Paratrooper, in 1989 he foundedSV Sistemi Di Sicurezza and became CEO of the company. 25 years of national and international experience on OIL-GAS systems and production of Fire & Gas plants and extinction. Skills acquired by entities such as ACCREDIA-IMQ-TUV-ATEX UL / FM. Inventor of the central EXFIRE360 is committed in the forefront of security, transfer to all its employees the right values, remaining at the head of the company for over 25 years in the Firefighting sector.