the SIL functional safety and remote fire control

The technological evolution and the increasing performance requirements of the automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems have introduced two new features of the fire control units: the functional safety of the systems and remote remote management of the systems.

The SV EXFIRE360 modular control panel has designed to offer customers both functions; as well as guaranteeing the CPD certification of the product according to the standards EN 54-2; EN 54-4 and EN 12094-1.

Why choose sil functional safety 

So The safety integrity level (SIL) is a discrete number indicating the value of the probability that a system will correctly execute an instrument safety function within a predetermined time period. The SIL is assigned to each individual independent safety function (SIF); implemented through one or more Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).

It is expressed in a number between 1 and 4; where the Safety Integrity Level 4 has the highest value and the Safety Integrity Level 1 has the lowest value. In practice; thus the SIL is a quantitative measure of the probability that a given protection function will not be performed if intervention is required; and allows the designer to reduce the risk of a dangerous situation and quantify its reduction.

The EXFIRE360 control panel has been certified to perform three different safety functions associated with fire protection: conventional detection with automatic extinguishing; gas detection with shut-off valve closing; analog detection with automatic switch-off. The plant is therefore able to meet the design requirements typical of industrial environments; where it prescribed the prevention or mitigation of dangerous events against workers and the environment and potential damage to equipment and facilities.

SV Sistemi di Sicurezza offers the possibility to support the Customer in all the phases concerning the functional safety of the fire protection systems; from the analysis in the design stage to the compatibility assessment of the sensor and actuator elements to the functional specifications; so it up to the supply and assembly of the central and personnel training to operate and perform maintenance operations.

Why choose remote remote management

The remote remote management of the plants presents an innumerable series of advantages: the possibility of providing real-time assistance to customers; so the execution of periodic updates to the plants; the upgrading of troubleshooting activities with a strong rationalization of the times and costs; the minimization of times out of service and repair.

EXFIRE360 has designed with the specific aim of being able to monitor the modular units of the control unit; so it taking advantage of the advanced diagnostics developed to comply with functional safety requirements – in all aspects of hardware and software; as well as monitoring the state of the detection systems and extinction connected to it.

SV remote assistance service, so combined with the SIL safety levels achieved for the firefighting functions described above; than it makes EXFIRE360 the natural solution for applications requiring high plant performance and reliability and reliability, continuity of operation.

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