Fire prevention forum

Fire prevention forum 2012

Also this year, with the 8th edition of the 2012 fire prevention forum; the Firefighting magazine and the entire EPC Group, they managed to bring together experts; personalities, companies; operators; users and readers to confirm the inevitable appointment for those working in the sector. An unmissable event for all operators in the sector; the Fire Prevention Forum organized by the Fire Fighting Magazine; in collaboration with the Fire Department and with the Special Permanent Commission for the Security of National Cultural Heritage.

SV sistemi di sicurezza will present in the rooms dedicated to the technical seminar; and this intervention will be edited by Eng. Fabio Turani and will held at the seminar area of the fire prevention forum.

The meeting will focus on the many areas that currently concern fire detection systems: from the EN 54-1 standard; which establishes the general requirements of detection systems; to the regulations concerning the control of automatic fire suppression systems and protection systems ( EN 12094, EN 14637, etc.); to the standards for functional safety (IEC 61508), to the requirements for gas detection systems (EN 60079); innovative design solutions will presented with the use of optical fiber and protocol of communication Can bus.

On September 26th and 27th Rittal will present at the fire prevention forum scheduled in Milan, at Studio 90 of East End Studios, a guest in the SV booth.

SV has long used Rittal’s DK TS cabinets for the containment of its EXFIRE360 series fire safety systems. The EXFIRE360 control units are programmable modular units, extremely versatile and able to perform integrated fire protection functions, technological alarm management and serial management of various protocols. TS cabinets, with front opening, IP55 degree of protection and predetermined dimensions of 2000 (h) x 800 (L) x 800 (P) mm, are arranged in a modular way with a 19-inch rack, where they can be inserted detection and / or shutdown and / or technological control.According to the DK TS cabinets, now approved for some time for this use, will be previewed a special Rittal EXP wardrobe, which will be approved soon,

The staff of SV  present at the fire prevention forum 2012 has worked to advance the status of the work of the EXFIRE360 plant in reference to the new Certifications that SV has set itself to obtain.

The new path undertaken is arduous, the previous Certifications have put a strain on SV; but despite this thanks to the company values such tenacity, stubbornness, competence and seriousness has managed to achieve the goals set.

However, the objectives of the previous year were the Fire Standards for the construction of the product and the patenting of the same No. MI2011U000115.

Fire prevention forum

The certification of the EXFIRE360 control panel obtained according to the regulations produced in the fire-fighting field: EN 54-2: 1997; A1: 2006 EN54-4.1197; A1: 2006 EN12094-1: 2003; also includes the qualification for the construction of the product (Construction Products Directive) the 0051-CPD-0369 0051-CPD-0370.

During the current year 2012; so SV obtains a new integration of the ISO9001: 2008 Certification including the “Design, production, start-up configuration and assistance of fire and safety systems”.

Another fundamental commitment undertaken by SV is the certification of the Loop Hochiki ESP communication protocol for the EXLOOP-E board obtained directly from the manufacturer. This guarantees to the client that the communication algorithms and the Firmware are perfect and born with the purpose of “saving human life” by detecting the principle of fire.

Sv Hochiki Protocol Italia has guaranteed, guaranteeing and protecting the security protocol, creating a path of seriousness on the whole national market and making available the technical staff for any problems that may emerge.

Sv also engages on the ATEX front, the supply requests for fire detection systems complete with shutdown systems control; have often been accompanied by the requests for certified systems of Gas detection; in this regard SV has seized the moment pledging to certify the plant with particular attention to the EX2GSI card according to EN 60079-29-1: 2007-11 ATEX by the end of the year 2012.

In recent years, based on our experience in the National and International field; we find that fire detection and extinguishing systems, require very detailed engineering and design; all applications with industrial processes at high risk to protected, included in IEC61508 reference standards -1/7 by effectively binding the EN54-2-EN54-4 and EN12094 standards with IEC61508.

The purpose of the design and construction of special panels certified for Fire & Gas, born for high-risk industrial environments in areas classified Atex; with gas configurations certified EN-TUV, has the task of alerting us to the first level of out-of-gas, process the signal; and carry out a pre-established logic dedicated to the implementation of a safety function; designed for the continuous search for protection of people and environments.

The benefit deriving from these technologies associated with the increase in the Mean Time Between Failure (in reference to the IEC 61508 standard; for which a specific certification of the EXFIRE360 plant is at the end); than the reduction of the average time for repair or replacement of the cards; since the system becomes fault tolerant and the replacement of cards can performed directly by the customer; under a possible remote assisted monitoring.

EXFIRE360 designed with the specific objective of being able to monitor the modular units; the control unit (also taking advantage of the advanced diagnostics developed to comply with functional safety requirements) in all aspects of hardware and software; as well as monitoring the state of the detection systems and extinction connected to it.

The remote management of the plants presents an innumerable series of advantages; for example the possibility of providing assistance in real time to the Customers; than the execution of periodic updates to the plants; the strengthening of the trouble shooting activities with a strong rationalization of the times and costs; so the minimization of the times out of service and repair.

The SV tele-assistance service, combined with the SIL safety levels achieved for firefighting functions; so it makes EXFIRE360 the natural solution for applications requiring high plant performance and reliability and continuity guarantee.

This makes the EXFIRE360 control panel usable in critical applications where constant operation of the automatic fire protection system is required (turbines, oil & gas plants, storage warehouses, etc.) Functional tests performed on hardware and software, as well as validation of maintenance steps; modification and disposal to further guarantee the efficiency of the product.