Fire safety – New central EXFIRE360

SV Sistemi di sicurezza pleased to inform all fire safety professionals of an extraordinary event; the end of a long research and development work carried out over several years; the world’s first fireproof control unit with Lcd Touch-Screen is ready.

EXFIRE360 is a product entirely made in Italy, the result of Italian professionalism, attention to design, professionalism and ingenuity that distinguish us. so We now offer it to the national and international fire safety market, aware that this plant will help to improve fire safety, to protect even more human lives and to safeguard our heritage.

EXFIRE360 Ultima Frontiera Tecnologica is the innovative solution for the Fire & Gas and Fire Fighting systems market, certified by IMQ / TUV according to the listed standards:

EN54-2: 1997 + A1: 2006,
EN 54-4: 1997 + A1 + A2: 2006,
EN 12094-1
IEC 61508 up to SIL 3 level.

SV provides you with professional personnel with expertise in the field of fire safety with authorization Law 818/84. Innovative project solutions will be proposed for centralized systems, set up in compliance with the NFPA 72 UNI9795 Standards. Engineering solutions will be available on the compositions of the EXFIRE360 control panels and other systems used in the field of fire safety.

Detailed information available online directly on the page dedicated to the fire alarm control unit.