Congo fire extinguishing system

The activity carried out in the conventional and deep offshore in front of Pointe-Noire and in onshore for a developed and undeveloped area of 2,451 square kilometers (1,168 square kilometers net to Eni). than Eni’s exploration and production activities in the Congo are regulated by the Production Sharing Agreement.

In December 2016, the second phase of the development of the Nene Marine field; sanctioned in 2015; launched in the Marine XII block (Eni’s interest 65%, operator); than in one of Eni’s eight record projects, At 8 months from the production permit, on 29 December 2014 the Nené Marine field started up in production.

The camp is located in the Marine XII Block, less than twenty kilometers from the coast, at a depth of 28 meters. The project carried out in a very short time, one year; even before the initial forecasts.

Development activities continued at the Litchendjili field in the Marine XII block; so with the production peak of around 16,000 boe / day. The gas production of the field feeds the CEC power plant (Eni’s interest 20%).

In December 2016 a framework agreement signed with the Republic of Congo aimed at an integrated development and valorisation of the gas produced in the country; along three main strategic lines of access to energy;than the industrialization of the country and development of uncovered reserves with zero flaring.