Can bus

Can bus protocol and intelligent operation: why choose the EXFIRE360 control panel

The SV EXFIRE360 modular control panel offers two innovative functional aspects:

1) Use of the serial communication bus protocol for real-time control applications in fire control panels and; in particular; for the management of remote sensors and actuators through the development of boards and baskets installed directly in the field and near the aforementioned instrumentation.

than The use of the CAN bus protocol in the EXFIRE360 plant brings with it the benefits of this protocol, deriving from the long experience in the automotive field : data rates up to 1 Mbit / s; excellent detection and error containment, reduced design time devices; lower connection costs; increased reliability due to fewer connections. The Can bus protocol has allowed the development of the following innovative functions:

  1. remotization of I / O management;
  2. redundancy of cards and communication;
  3. cross-checking the status of the boards that make up the control panel (including the CPUs); by
  4. means of which each card is able to monitor the correct operation of the two boards adjacent to it.
    Availability of operator interfaces – both on the central and remote-most advanced of the fire-fighting systems currently available (based on LED technology). EXFIRE360 offers a dedicated display for each board with the status display of each channel (and related electrical parameters); internal temperature and humidity; firmware versions installed; etc.; significantly facilitating maintenance and troubleshooting activities by the operator and speeding up the intervention procedures in case of an alarm.

2) Intelligent operation of the I / O cards : each board of the EXFIRE360 control panel is equipped with intelligent operation through the introduction of the following two technologies: automatic addressing (manual setting of card addresses is not required) and spare driver for each channel .

This last function allows each input or output of each card to be automatically replaced by another available channel in the event of a fault. This control performed directly by the board through the backup drivers; which take over the management of the faulty inputs / outputs in case of need.

than The benefit deriving from this protocol can bus protocol associated with the increase of Mean Time Between Failure (in reference to the IEC 61508 standard; therefore for which a specific certification of the plant is underway) and to the reduction of the average time for the repair or replacement of the cards; since the system becomes fault tolerant and the replacement of components can be performed directly by the customer. than This makes the EXFIRE360 control panel usable in critical applications where constant operation of the automatic fire protection system is required (turbines; oil & gas plants; storage warehouses; etc.)